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10 Ways to Stay Motivated After the Fireworks Have Gone Out

Make staying on the right track easy. These are 10 ideas to keep you moving forward.


  1. Use tape or a magnet to put up a printout or magazine image of your goal. If you were looking for a picture of your goal, what would it look like? A 4-door Tacoma? (Oh, wait that’s me).
  2. Visualize reaching your goal. Imagine how happy you will be when the new website is up and running. Can you see yourself driving the new car? Giving a great speech?
  3. Start with small goals to make yourself feel a sense of accomplishment. Big (unrealistic) goals are difficult to accomplish and often lead to a feeling of hopelessness.
  4. Build motivation then make your goals a bit more challenging. Susie Johnson of the Not-Your-Average-Mom blog suggests developing small, daily habits then building on them. If you want to
  5. Instant gratification is for kids. According to Dave Ramsey, delaying gratification to work toward a greater long-term goal is a sign of maturity (The Total Money makeover, 2007). Is the Netflix show binge worth not being prepared for tomorrow’s meeting?
  6. Develop mantras. Restate the goal that is in danger of slipping away to help keep yourself on track even when the day doesn’t start out as productively as planned.
  7. Break down goals into daily habits then stack these habits. Expand the habits that you already have down and develop small, doable habits to add to gradually. Watch out for the article on January 4th.
  8. Recruit support. Surround yourself with people who have like goals. This is where you might consider unfollowing or even unfriending groups and people who can lead you in the opposite direction of your goals.
  9. Get an accountability buddy. If you feel that you are more likely to get tasks done when you have someone to answer to besides yourself, then check in with a friend every day or week to reflect on the tasks you finished and what you can do to pick up the tasks that fell through the cracks.
  10. Avoid overwhelm. There are countless self-help books and online resources, not to mention business services webinars, templates, journals, productivity apps, etc. Follow 2-3 authors or influencers. Be choosy when downloading applications, if you won’t use it daily, it doesn’t belong on your phone.


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