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Month: October 2017

Best Online Video Courses For College Students and Adults


Read about some of the bestvideo courses from E-learning platforms. The noticeable increase in E-learning video courses and online classes is one of the greatest benefits of technology that you can enjoy with the most hectic schedule. You will find online video courses and classes offered for various topics, subjects, and skills.

This means that you can complete an entire degree from an accredited institution, brush up on a skill for work or learn a new set of skills for a career shift.


Forbes lists Skillshare as one of the most popular E-learning platforms that is open to the public. The E-learning platform has more than 17,000 classes on a variety of topics including technology business, design, writing, arts, culinary, and more. The platform is created based on a learning on-demand model that allows students to start, learn with, and finish the video courses on their own time. Individuals pay $99 for an entire year of unlimited access to any class on the platform and have access to a community of more than 3 million students.  They offer some free courses that you might want to check out. A possible side is that instructors are not screened for credentials, so basically anyone who knows their stuff can teach.


The platform is great for students who learn by doing and favors students who thrive by working independently without one-on-one communication with the instructor or regular materials review by mandatory exams. It doesn’t offer a degree but is a great option for professional development or picking up a necessary skill for work. Also great for visual learners, but students who have hearing disabilities will not find captions, which is a major disadvantage that the company is working on. If interested or want to try this service out of a month free with unlimited access, go to


Forbes also lists Udemy, a popular E-Learning platform that offers video courses in business, technology, personal development, and many other topics. Each video course costs $10 and you might find flash sales, like new student discount available for only six hours, for new students. What makes one of the best online video courses is that you can choose from a number of on-demand learning video courses for work, school, profession or personal development or to get practical resources for immediate use with the expectation of a certificate upon completing each course.

Business owners or managers can take advantage of Udemy’s group rates and plan a professional development event for employees. Students can access video courses for test prep or academics, like math and science, social science, humanities, and languages while adults and college grads can learn web development, app development, marketing, pet care, and so much more. The service is available on a mobile app for all students.


This is one of the most popular platforms and includes some of the best online video course that you can take at any time regardless of where you are in life. Again, anyone who is particularly knowledgeable about a certain topic can become an instructor. You can look for reviews about a course you want to take to find the best instructors. Access a free demo for a business account or sign up at


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