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Month: January 2019

How to Be Patient in Modern Business Life

You lose the internet connection, a new software program is taking forever to download, you are stuck in traffic, your new team is having trouble grasping your company’s vision or countless other things that test our ability to be patient in the modern business world. Good news, patience is a skill that you can strengthen with each challenge you face inside or outside of the office.


The New York Times shares an article called How to Be a More Patient Person that explains why daily energy- and time-sucks, like traffic or having to deal with a difficult person at work, will trigger your natural fight-or-flight response. Our fuse gets shorter when we give a temporary obstacle more value than it’s worth.


Cut the jaw-clenching down by doing 2 things: Take a look at how life-threatening the situation is and Take a look at the bigger picture. When the computer crashes and you are ready to hurl a healthy string of colorful words (silently) at the screen, take a breath and tell yourself that the situation is a minor inconvenience. Become self-reassuring by reminding yourself that you will eventually get the program downloaded.


Now, consider why you sought out that software program in the first place. Maybe you wanted to improve a skill or help your business excel in some way. There is a greater reason that put you at the office, in front of a computer, taking steps to download this type of program. Now… What was it?

Article 3 Habit Stacking: An Easy Way to Enjoy a Healthier Lifestyle

I have already automated 3 new habits and stacked 2 habits to each. That’s 9 healthy lifestyle habits in just the first week of the new year.  

Instead of drafting a list of 15 things that I want to change this year, I’m breaking each goal down into daily habits then stacking these habits to bring me closer to my health goals. This take some planning, but the new smaller habits should be easier to do once they are automated.


If you want to increase productivity at work, declutter, live better, save money, lose weight, and be happier then read on to find out how I plan to accomplish all these things and more in 2019.


Since, we are creatures of habit and routine, automating my daily schedule is the perfect way for me to start gradually working toward this year’s goals. I want to get small things done throughout the day that will set the way for me to achieve much bigger goals.


Kevin Kruse, Forbes contributing writer, interviewed Wall Street author Steve Scott (who has published more than 70 bestselling self-help books) about the unlimited potential of habit stacking. Scott explains what habit stacking is by stating simply that stacking a habit means “attaching things to it”.


You should start with a habit you already do and add small tasks to and around it gradually. This is what I am doing. Take a look.


How I am Going to Stack Habits for a Healthier Lifestyle


First thing in the morning, I head to the kitchen to put the kettle on to boil. I placed a yoga mat right next to the kitchen so I can ease into a morning workout routine by doing stretches. You can put a yoga mat near wherever you are heading in the morning or afternoon depending on when you plan to workout. Next I will add a small table and portable DVD player right in front of the yoga mat so I can do a 20-minute workout. The 20-minute workout (10 minutes of yoga and 10 minutes of plates) will be a stepping stone to completing a 30-minute Piyo workout with eating plan.


My small kitchen has decent-sized counters that will house 3-4 glass jars with healthy snacks like dried fruit, trial mix, nuts, and granola to add to nonfat yogurt. Next to the jars will be a big pack of quart-sized slider bags (a money-saver that works for my family) and a plastic scoop. My new healthier eating habits can be a whole other article, so I will just say that the freezer, quart-sized slider bags, and salad plates have been making it easier to stick to healthy habits.


There are many ways to optimize even the smallest spaces in your home to build an exercise area, a home office or snack counter to pack healthy snacks and stay well under budget while doing it. When your habits are not costing you money, you are more likely to automate them.


(Mostly) Fearless and (Completely) Determined to Achieve my 2019 Lifestyle Goals


This year instead of making a list to scare myself with throughout the year, I’m listing only 2 areas of my life that I really want to improve: health and productivity. Each area branches into several goals, like lose 20 pounds, exercise daily, land a column in a home or money-saving publication, read 15 non-fiction books and watch 25 documentaries.


To begin working up to following a daily, complete workout routine, I will start by stacking a habit to stretch with another habit that I already do. Next stack, to attach article crafting (brainstorming, researching, drafting, editing, proofreading, and finalizing) to my original habit of planning my work day. Habit stacking is an easy way to use what you have always done to work up to what you have never done.


Why Habit Stacking Looks Like a Trend for Life


Using habit stacking to incorporate healthy habits into your day might be the answer you have been waiting for. This system of attaching small habits onto existing habits and developing small habits to stack onto gradually is a versatile and forgiving way


The main factor that made bullet journaling, also called happy journaling, a major success in the personal and professional lives of countless people is the same that factor that one that has helped make habit stacking a part of the modern person’s everyday healthy lifestyle.


Kholoud (Kay) has written various lifestyle content for unique clients including real estate advertisements and references, retail content and product descriptions, business marketing, lifestyle blogs, website copy, social media campaigns, and more. A love of writing gets her up at 4 am to collaborate with clients overseas and a small team of dedicated writers with a determination to make content writing more affordable and accessible to B2B and B2C clients. Contact her at to get a content style for every lifestyle.


2019 Health Series: You Have to Want it Badly Enough

How am I arming myself against…. well, me and making sure that my new year’s changes do not slip. One of my two resolutions for the 2019 year is to make a full morning workout a part of my daily routine by March 1st. So I’m stacking existing habits and developing other small daily habits that I plan to stack once they are cemented. If you haven’t read my article about habit stacking, you can check it out here. There is another major step I need to take if I expect anything to work: stop my excuses before they start. The following are some of my favorite excuses and how I silence them.


  1. “The gym is too far and I have deadlines to meet” Set up an exercise area at home or block some time to spend an hour at the gym plus an hour buffer time. You can do this frugally.
  2. “I’m too tired to go to the gym”. Recall a time that I was tired and forced myself to go out anyway then came home happy with bursting energy and a strong sense of accomplishment.
  3. “Equipment is pricey”. There are literally hundreds of workout programs that don’t require any equipment at all to do while I add on to my home gym equipment little by little.Also, some equipment is available used or keep an eye out for a huge sale.
  4. “Home management and content marketing don’t leave time for serious exercise”. Nice, big kitchen counter (ok, not huge but spacious) will accommodate laptop where I can stretch and do some lower body exercises as I wait for stuff to get cooked or brainstorm ideas.
  5. “I need to hunt for and put on “exercise gear”. I have altered my wardrobe to become instantly exercise and walk-ready. I can live in yoga pants and comfortable t-shirts and that is basically what I wear all the time unless I’m going out somewhere nice, like an outing with friends, out to dinner or to attend an event then the pretty, matching, I’m-a-responsible-member-of-society clothes come out.


Why is exercise important to me?


Because health insurance rates just keep rising, because scientific evidence backs up the possibility of preventing serious illness with exercise, because depression sucks, because exercise improves productivity, because on the days that my body doesn’t require exercise, my mind craves it.  


Because…..I really really want better health at little to no cost. Don’t you


Next article in the series: Habit Stacking



Kholoud (Kay) has written various lifestyle content for unique clients, including real estate advertisements and references, retail content and product descriptions, business marketing, lifestyle blogs, website copy, social media campaigns, and more. A love of writing gets her up at 4 am to collaborate with clients overseas and a small team of dedicated writers with a determination to make content writing more affordable and accessible to B2B and B2C clients. Contact her at to get a content style for every lifestyle.

10 Ways to Stay Motivated After the Fireworks Have Gone Out

Make staying on the right track easy. These are 10 ideas to keep you moving forward.


  1. Use tape or a magnet to put up a printout or magazine image of your goal. If you were looking for a picture of your goal, what would it look like? A 4-door Tacoma? (Oh, wait that’s me).
  2. Visualize reaching your goal. Imagine how happy you will be when the new website is up and running. Can you see yourself driving the new car? Giving a great speech?
  3. Start with small goals to make yourself feel a sense of accomplishment. Big (unrealistic) goals are difficult to accomplish and often lead to a feeling of hopelessness.
  4. Build motivation then make your goals a bit more challenging. Susie Johnson of the Not-Your-Average-Mom blog suggests developing small, daily habits then building on them. If you want to
  5. Instant gratification is for kids. According to Dave Ramsey, delaying gratification to work toward a greater long-term goal is a sign of maturity (The Total Money makeover, 2007). Is the Netflix show binge worth not being prepared for tomorrow’s meeting?
  6. Develop mantras. Restate the goal that is in danger of slipping away to help keep yourself on track even when the day doesn’t start out as productively as planned.
  7. Break down goals into daily habits then stack these habits. Expand the habits that you already have down and develop small, doable habits to add to gradually. Watch out for the article on January 4th.
  8. Recruit support. Surround yourself with people who have like goals. This is where you might consider unfollowing or even unfriending groups and people who can lead you in the opposite direction of your goals.
  9. Get an accountability buddy. If you feel that you are more likely to get tasks done when you have someone to answer to besides yourself, then check in with a friend every day or week to reflect on the tasks you finished and what you can do to pick up the tasks that fell through the cracks.
  10. Avoid overwhelm. There are countless self-help books and online resources, not to mention business services webinars, templates, journals, productivity apps, etc. Follow 2-3 authors or influencers. Be choosy when downloading applications, if you won’t use it daily, it doesn’t belong on your phone.


Next Article:  Article 2 Health Series: You Have to Want it Badly Enough