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Supply Chain Management Potential

The growing need for supply chain management graduates, estimated to grow by 22 percent over the next five years, is reflected in a number of unusual careers available in that industry. This degree falls under the job category of logistics and supply chain management in the manufacturing industry, one of the few prosperous job industries where the need for human labor is still strong. Graduates usually start out in an entry-level position, which require a bachelor’s degree, and move up the job ladder as their experience and on-the-job skills build. Salary expectation for this degree ranges from 50 k to 100 k and up. Some unusual careers that require this degree include the following jobs.

Unusual Careers for Supply Chain Management Graduates

  1. Supply, Distribution, and Planning Scheduler/ Analyst

Those who have leadership and logistics skills will appreciate this entry-level job position. Depending on the product the hiring company manufacturers, the employee will work with various professions from other departments within the company to coordinate the most efficient way to transport products to different locations while controlling costs. The employee is also responsible for refining or improving the products for delivery and marketing to customers. This is one of the most common yet overlooked position available for supply chain management students – some companies offer undergraduates intern work- and graduates. The median starting salary is $59,841.

  1. Supply Chain Associate

Another entry-level position that requires excellent problem solving skills. Supply chain associates are responsible for overseeing all stages of production with a focus on quality and cost control. This professional also coordinates with the supply, distribution, and planning scheduler/ analyst to ensure efficient delivery of the company’s products. Associates make about $12/hour with benefits. ……….




Social Media for Younger Generations: Helping Your Kids Become Better People or Damaging Their Futures

We see the role of technology gradually inflate in every age group in our society including with the younger generation, but is this a positive or negative trend? Is our kids’ time scrolling enriching? Maybe. This attraction to social media can be used to improve the quality of life of these generations or to hinder already a naturally vulnerable group of people.

Instead of presenting you, my valued reader, with a mind-numbing article about how social media can both harm and benefit the younger generations, both directly and indirectly, I have given you short scenarios based on RL (real life) events we often see in the news.  

One of the most basic characteristics of all social media platforms is perhaps their best and worst feature. The characteristic: Anyone can say anything from wherever they are at any time. This is great for young people who want to feel like they have a voice. But….Everyone has the same opportunity and some choose to make themselves feel important by making others feel worthless. Our kids are often encouraged to take various actions and develop certain beliefs about themselves, the world, and those in it, including their own families… you.  





Here are some scenarios based on stories we often hear in the news or on, you guessed it, social media.

An impressionable 15-year-old girl believes that she has met the love of her life -all 15 years of her life- in a nice, interesting 17-year old boy with similar backgrounds and the hottest dimples on the planet. They agree to meet IRL and she finds herself sitting in front of Earl, a middle-aged truck driver with a receding hairline and a possibly hot laptop with a dependable internet connection. Why didn’t she tell someone before?

In another scenario, a 17-year-old who has been working on the weekdays and trying to enjoy the last glorious hour of Sunday night scrolling the newsfeed. He reads sees post after post and frog meme after frog meme about how awful Mondays are and how much working sucks. Did I mention, he already has several instances of aggressive behavior at work and school? What attitude will he take with him to the job?

11-year old Kenny is a bright little boy who knows how to override the parental controls on the internet with the help of his friendly Canadian buddy, 14-year old Mike, who he has never met. How did Mike excel at these skills but flunk algebra (algebra uses numbers, letters, and signs similar to HTML coding)? Mike regularly exchanges information with 17-year old Joe who gathers this information from Youtube video subscriptions.


A single mother, 35 years of age, is on the verge of losing her car because she has missed the last four car payments. Her friends and family start a donation page for her on social media. A couple of weeks later, she cannot only pay off the used 2004 sedan, she has enough left for gas for the rest of the month.

She can now take her 7-year old to school on-time and to reading classes at the YWCA and the baby to daycare. Not to mention, she gets to keep her full-time job that feeds and shelters these kids.

The latest flood has put thousands of people out of their homes and in need of basic daily supplies, including food. Yes, airing regular commercials has been a trusted and true method of appealing to audiences, but social platforms offer apps with notifications that go right to smartphones to a much bigger audience of varying ages. You can encourage people to donate with the quick click of a button making it easy for families to help each other.

Social media is used to help a greater number of families across the globe using simple, time-effective solutions, like clicking on an icon to help a family in need or show your support for a worthy cause. It can be a great tool to encourage younger generations to help people and educate themselves about other cultures.

It’s allowed people to keep jobs and houses and cars and get justice and find long-lost siblings and fight domestic abuse and… and… and.

However, when the younger generation is left with full, unlimited access to social media, the results may damage their sense of worth, social skills, behavior, and future. How can we keep this from happening when the brightest kids are the ones who find the best solutions around the “safeguards” and “strict rules” we set for them? By safeguarding their self-esteem and self-worth before they get their first smartphone or are allowed to go online.

The accessibility of parenting information from respected sources will help parents make 2018 the year to start building or continue to build a strong foundation for the younger generations by teaching them how to use social media wisely from a young age.

GMC Safari AC/ Heater -Writing Sample

The GMC Safari AC and Heater controls allow you to drive your vehicle comfortably regardless of what the weather outside is like. Keeping the temperature inside your car at a comfortable number, not too warm or too cold will help you and your passengers avoid getting ill due to sudden temperature changes when you exit your vehicle. The AC and heater controls give you the power to do just that. The clear, visible labels on the controls are intended for GMC drivers and passengers to use easily.

This replacement is made of high-quality plastic and is built to be easy to use and set while you’re driving without taking your eyes off the road. Install the controls on your GMC Safari regardless of what year you purchased the vehicle The durable replacement part fits the GMC Safari model making sure your long or brief car trips are
The art will not affect how your vehicle runs. The part works with your GMC compressor, evaporator, and condenser system to turn fluid into air, gas, to cool your entire car.

Purchasing GMC AC/ Heater controls as a separate, replacement, part may be more cost effective. This is an ideal purchase if you prefer doing repairs on your van. There are many reasons your AC/ heater controls might need to be replaced, including internal or external damage. Your Safari’s cooling system is made up of several parts which should be inspected especially after an accident. This is why, if you suspect internal damage has been done to your van’s cooling and heating system, you should get it checked out right away. Internal damage to your cooling system. Replacing the Safari’s AC/ heating controls is not time-consuming.

This is an important feature to have in a family van where your passenger might be a child. One of the reasons children misbehave is being too hot or too cold in addition to a variety of other reasons. Keeping your car’s AC and heating unit in top working condition helps to eliminate this reason for difficult car trips. Make sure your daily trips to work and weekly errands.

It is important to make sure that your GMC Safari has a working AC/ heating unit before putting it up for sale or giving it to someone else to drive. It’s a good idea to take a look at the GMC Safari AC/ heating controls many of the van owners viewed. This replacement part for sale is an investment.

Best Online Video Courses For College Students and Adults


Read about some of the bestvideo courses from E-learning platforms. The noticeable increase in E-learning video courses and online classes is one of the greatest benefits of technology that you can enjoy with the most hectic schedule. You will find online video courses and classes offered for various topics, subjects, and skills.

This means that you can complete an entire degree from an accredited institution, brush up on a skill for work or learn a new set of skills for a career shift.


Forbes lists Skillshare as one of the most popular E-learning platforms that is open to the public. The E-learning platform has more than 17,000 classes on a variety of topics including technology business, design, writing, arts, culinary, and more. The platform is created based on a learning on-demand model that allows students to start, learn with, and finish the video courses on their own time. Individuals pay $99 for an entire year of unlimited access to any class on the platform and have access to a community of more than 3 million students.  They offer some free courses that you might want to check out. A possible side is that instructors are not screened for credentials, so basically anyone who knows their stuff can teach.


The platform is great for students who learn by doing and favors students who thrive by working independently without one-on-one communication with the instructor or regular materials review by mandatory exams. It doesn’t offer a degree but is a great option for professional development or picking up a necessary skill for work. Also great for visual learners, but students who have hearing disabilities will not find captions, which is a major disadvantage that the company is working on. If interested or want to try this service out of a month free with unlimited access, go to


Forbes also lists Udemy, a popular E-Learning platform that offers video courses in business, technology, personal development, and many other topics. Each video course costs $10 and you might find flash sales, like new student discount available for only six hours, for new students. What makes one of the best online video courses is that you can choose from a number of on-demand learning video courses for work, school, profession or personal development or to get practical resources for immediate use with the expectation of a certificate upon completing each course.

Business owners or managers can take advantage of Udemy’s group rates and plan a professional development event for employees. Students can access video courses for test prep or academics, like math and science, social science, humanities, and languages while adults and college grads can learn web development, app development, marketing, pet care, and so much more. The service is available on a mobile app for all students.


This is one of the most popular platforms and includes some of the best online video course that you can take at any time regardless of where you are in life. Again, anyone who is particularly knowledgeable about a certain topic can become an instructor. You can look for reviews about a course you want to take to find the best instructors. Access a free demo for a business account or sign up at


Thank you for reading the sample, please contact me for more.

Block Paving: Know Your Options for a Cleaner Driveway and Patio

Block paving, sometimes called brick paving, is a popular surfacing choice for people who have private driveways, patios, or gardens they want to surface. The main advantage to is that you can remove and replace blocks as needed without having to redo an entire section of a surface (or to resurface an entire area). You’ll also find that this type of pavement is stronger and will withstand constant rain and humidity temperatures better. A quick clean-up.



Home Types Enhanced by Block Paving

-Detached Home





-Some flats




There are many advantages to get block pavement as a part of a landscape or garden. Other materials for surfacing include: poured and flattened concrete, composite pavement, asphalt, and gravel. Opting for concrete paving blocks, clay bricks or paving stones will give residents and professionals greater freedom to mix and match colors, create patterns, and make use of the varying shapes of the blocks and stones.


A decorative and practical way to surface driveways, gardens, and patios.


People who have some type of water fixture, like a fountain or pond, and/or specialty landscaping plants may install stone paving blocks to complete a certain look, while others prefer economic concrete paving blocks or durable clay.


Concrete blocks will save you some money, but clay bricks will last over 50 years (compared to the 20-year expected life of concrete blocks), so they might be a more economical option. Another advantage of choosing concrete blocks is the availability of textured pieces. Textured concrete blocks have a rustic look and may complement an existing landscape design. Concrete blocks can be found in various colors; however, the color of this material tends to fade over time.  

Some choose concrete blocks as a more economical choice over clay bricks. Concrete blocks are available in several shades and colors and can be used to pave floors, planters, walls, and steps.


Clay bricks are available in a wide range of colors that will remain radiant for decades. They are easier to cut than concrete blocks, and you can choose from a variety of shapes. This allows more creativity. Since clay bricks are easier to cut, they are ideal for tight corners. You can make a modern, patterned design using multiple colors.

Clay bricks or stones might cost you a little bit more, but come in a variety of colors and last for decades.



Once you decide to surface using block paving, you can look for a contractor who specializes in installing the type of blocks you want. There are companies that work with landscapers in your particular area or you can ask around. Whatever material you choose, make sure that you call a contractor who will answer your questions before and after installation.


Stay Cool, Add a Pool!

Adding a pool or spa to your home and maintaining it not only adds to your quality-of-life, but increases your home’s value. Sunshine Pools has over 30 years of experience designing, building, repairing, and providing various pool maintenance products for customers throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Our responsive team will work with you to perfect your new indoor or outdoor pool, spa, or pool renovation as well as any surrounding landscaping to help you get the relaxing, private sanctuary your home won’t be complete without.


Salt water pools have grown in popularity in recent years due to their economic and health benefits. Since these pools, sold and installed by Sunshine Pools, need less chlorine to be kept clean, the salt water pool is an environmental and money-saving option. Less chlorine and the use of the cheaper salt also mean that your eyes and skin will not become irritated or feel dry as easily. This lets you enjoy your time in your pool. Salt water pools are not toxic giving you peace of mind when the kids, or Rover, jump in. Many of the traditional pools utilize traditional water pumps, which use enough energy to power entire houses for several months. Eco-friendly, money-saving pumps can be installed to reduce water filtration times. Hydrogen peroxide or oxygen can be used to replace chlorine as an effective, and much safer, cleaning substance.


The salt in the pool is only a fraction of that in the ocean and, as a result of the water purification system installed by Sunshine Pools, it will be converted in part into chlorine (a chemical component of natural salt), thus, saving you 100 percent on chlorine.

The traditional pools our customers request include those made of concrete, accented with synthetic stones and custom-built outdoor or indoor using high-quality materials that withstand even the most severe weather conditions.


We have a team of graphic design experts who will help you create a final design for your luxury pool that perfectly matches your vision and optimizes whatever available space you have.  Any accents or features can be built into the pool or added to it at any time. These features include:  waterfalls, steps, hardscaping, and stone or mosaic murals. An experienced landscape designer can help you create any indoor or outdoor environment you want using real or synthetic plants, furniture, materials, and patterns.


Many people opt for an indoor pool if they have enough space for it. The major advantage of an indoor pool is that you can enjoy a swim in any kind of weather in ultimate privacy. Indoor pools are also easier to maintain because the chance of debris collecting in the water is far less than that of an outdoor pool. It is important to have a good dehumidification system installed to protect your area against humidity and the growth of bacteria. Sunshine Pools provides quality systems and parts as well as excellent installation service and follow-up customer service.

Opening and closing pools for different seasons -to reduce evaporation and save more, emergency services or deck repairs are always available to you.


Stop by our show room in downtown LA and take a look at pool models, we’ll be waiting.


Make Your Classroom Inclusive in No Time

Making sure all of our children are learning and achieving to their full potential is possible. Teachers can have a more inclusive classroom by making just a few changes in classroom arrangement, policies or teaching methods at any time during the school year. Taking a few minutes to consider the physical, cognitive, and functional needs of our incoming students will help those students with and without special needs to succeed academically and socially.


You will be surprised how much of a difference is made in your classroom environment is made by making a couple of changes in how you run your classroom. Teachers can create supportive settings for students by arranging their classrooms to accommodate each new student as much as possible. One accommodation might be to arrange seats in a way that allows students with atypical hearing or vision to sit at the front of the room so they can receive the same instruction as their typically developing peers (keep in mind that behavior problems increase when students don’t feel engaged and lessening these issues is always a good teaching goal). It’s also helpful to give these students directions in both verbal and written form or to allow them to stand near the board and copy notes.


Flexibility is they key to a better day in the classroom. In another example, a teacher who is expecting a newly enrolled student who uses a wheelchair might ensure that all walking paths are wide and clear at all times while enforcing a class-wide policy to keep the floor clear will help accomplish this while creating a more effective and focused learning environment for all students. You may also choose to implement some assistive technology for your students. Understood gives you in depth information about the use of assistive technology in the classroom.


There are so many other ideas and arrangements you can implement in your classroom. By taking some time to evaluate the needs of each of your students and make some changes, you will be saving yourself from countless headaches -from kids and adults- and helping your students learn, which is what our vocation is all about. Take a breath, take care of one issue at a time and take a look at Education Week’s resources for effective teaching. Happy teaching!


Mug Warmers: Which One is Right For You?

Is your mind on a steaming cup of coffee? What if you can have that steaming, fragrant cup coffee throughout the day? What if it was always waiting for you in the office, dorm, or even in the car? You can have a piping hot mug of coffee or tea, within your reach at all times when you buy an electric or USB-powered mug warmer.

These USB mug warmers can be plugged into your computer as you toil away on your next book, research paper, act as a constant companion as you drive around to different work sites or run errands with or without the kids. The best thing about these is that you can find the one that perfectly fits your lifestyle for less than $25 –keep in mind we are talking about a one-time investment that will make drinking coffee better, enough said. I have compiled a list for you with the best electric and USB-powered mug warmers currently on the market.


Disney Classic Mug Warmer

Electric coffee or tea mug warmer comes with a Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse design mug and is made by Disney for steaming coffee all day long. Available on

Image sources:

A shout out to Mr. Walt Disney with each perfect sip of coffee as well as to the Disney, the manufactures of this mug warmer, available in a Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse design, is sure to make you smile whenever you reach for it. The electric warmer comes with a regular cord and has a power switch. It takes up less than 7 inches of counter space and is surprisingly sturdy at almost 1 and a half pounds. It comes with the mug and warming plate and costs less than $17. The Mickey Mouse mug warmer is currently being offered as an $8.99 add-on item (an add-on item is anything Amazon sells for a much lower price when it is added on to a purchase total of $25 of items shipped by Amazon itself).  The extra-long cord make it great for those who are not too keen on keeping the coffee mug right next to the laptop. Make sure to turn the powerful warmer off when not in use.

Mug Warmer with Hub and Clock

Image source:

Power-saving USB-powered mug warmer with hub and LED clock display available online on


If you’re unlike me and your beverage drinking doesn’t pose a danger to your laptop’s health then check out this awesome, power-saving, USB-powered mug warmer that is designed with a hub and has an LED displayed clock. lists this as one of the 10 best mug warmers of 2016, it uses a single 2.0 USB port and gives you four 2.o USB ports in return, it’s attractive with no loss of practicality. This is a very inexpensive product, offered here for less than $20.  This must-have gadget for businessmen and businesswomen, college students, and all others who love spending time on the computer with a hot cup of joe. This warmer can be used with a variety of mugs and can even keep soup or stew warm. Imagine how many trips to the crowded office lounge and microwave you will save.


Auto Café Take-Out Hot Cup Warmer

Image source:

Car gadget for coffee and tea lovers that makes road trips and daily commutes more enjoyable –or, at least, tolerable.

For coffee lovers who spend close to a quarter of their lifetimes in a vehicle this next product is for you. The Auto Café Take-Out Hot Cup Warmer fits securely in your car’s cup holder and keeps all café plastic or paper coffee cups warm. Use this to keep café soup cups warm if they’ll fit in it. Plug the warmer into your car charger and you are set to enjoy the same cup of coffee you already paid for to the last drop. It’s available on for $23.70 (with free shipping if you your order is $49 or more. I would save this purchase for back-to-school shopping when you’re loading your Amazon cart anyway). The next product is a variation on this design. Read on to find out why I included it on this list.


Brentwood Electric Coffee or Tea Mug with Car Wire Plug

Image source:

Brentwood Electric Coffee or Tea Mug with Car Wire Plug is great for long or short car trips. Name brand, practical gadget for men and women and a must-have tool for students who are in a rush to lectures.


This stainless steel coffee mug is a beverage warmer that you can plug into your car charger and holds up to 16 ounces of liquid. The Brentwood Electric Coffee or Tea Mug with Car Wire Plug is a very inexpensive coffee mug/ warmer, $8.94 on, that allows you to save money by making your coffee or tea at home. It’s refillable and customer reviews say that it’s an economical choice and that it reheated cool coffee quickly.  The same brand-name mug is also available at Staples.

Mug warmers are one of the hottest products on the market today especially for busy moms, traveling contractors, college students, and just about everyone who enjoys a steaming cup of coffee or tea throughout the day. These can completely change your mornings and will help you get through your day and they are right within our budget. Amazon is waiting to take your order right now.