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A Review of the Best Online Games for Preschoolers


Read on for the top 15 educational games for preschoolers 5 years and younger. Each of these games was ranked based on how ease of use,  the thinking skills (does this game help them build new knowledge), use of existing knowledge (is the child expected to know something before playing), development (does it allow kids to use their five senses). The preschool games are ranked according to how engaging, inclusive (how likely children with disabilities will benefit from them), and any additional educational value or online game highlight.


  1. Counting in the Kitchen

This interactive game from the Brainy Math and Reading Program asks kids to count the correct number of items on each plate and select the count that matches the displayed number. Navigating the game is straightforward, but a wrong click anywhere on the page will interrupt the game. Background music and vibrant colors and the use of food items keep kids engaged. A highlight is that the main character, a dog, uses facial expressions to communicate right or wrong answers and answers are selected by clicking a mouse.


  1. Match The Rhyming Words

This is one of the online games for preschool that helps kids practice the names of things they already know without building their knowledge base. Reading ability is not required and kids need to be able to click on the pictures and drag them to the correct spot making it a great way to help children with hand-eye coordination. There is a single variation of pictures that helps kids practice short vowels to prepare for associating the words with letter shapes and combinations (which is a primary step in learning to read). Teachers can print out one of the accompanying resources to extend the lesson.


  1. Guess The Animal

A parent or adult needs to read the scenario to the child and help them as they learn early literacy concepts. After clicking Play, a recording start, which uses clues about the animals that kids should already know and some others that need a little extra thought then. This game is more for auditory learners and visual learners may have more trouble getting the animal correct. Teacher and parents who homeschool their kids have over 10 resources that correspond to this activity to choose from. This is a good way to make sure that all types of learners are understanding the literacy concepts.




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