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2019 Health Series: You Have to Want it Badly Enough

How am I arming myself against…. well, me and making sure that my new year’s changes do not slip. One of my two resolutions for the 2019 year is to make a full morning workout a part of my daily routine by March 1st. So I’m stacking existing habits and developing other small daily habits that I plan to stack once they are cemented. If you haven’t read my article about habit stacking, you can check it out here. There is another major step I need to take if I expect anything to work: stop my excuses before they start. The following are some of my favorite excuses and how I silence them.


  1. “The gym is too far and I have deadlines to meet” Set up an exercise area at home or block some time to spend an hour at the gym plus an hour buffer time. You can do this frugally.
  2. “I’m too tired to go to the gym”. Recall a time that I was tired and forced myself to go out anyway then came home happy with bursting energy and a strong sense of accomplishment.
  3. “Equipment is pricey”. There are literally hundreds of workout programs that don’t require any equipment at all to do while I add on to my home gym equipment little by little.Also, some equipment is available used or keep an eye out for a huge sale.
  4. “Home management and content marketing don’t leave time for serious exercise”. Nice, big kitchen counter (ok, not huge but spacious) will accommodate laptop where I can stretch and do some lower body exercises as I wait for stuff to get cooked or brainstorm ideas.
  5. “I need to hunt for and put on “exercise gear”. I have altered my wardrobe to become instantly exercise and walk-ready. I can live in yoga pants and comfortable t-shirts and that is basically what I wear all the time unless I’m going out somewhere nice, like an outing with friends, out to dinner or to attend an event then the pretty, matching, I’m-a-responsible-member-of-society clothes come out.


Why is exercise important to me?


Because health insurance rates just keep rising, because scientific evidence backs up the possibility of preventing serious illness with exercise, because depression sucks, because exercise improves productivity, because on the days that my body doesn’t require exercise, my mind craves it.  


Because…..I really really want better health at little to no cost. Don’t you


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