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How to Be Patient in Modern Business Life

You lose the internet connection, a new software program is taking forever to download, you are stuck in traffic, your new team is having trouble grasping your company’s vision or countless other things that test our ability to be patient in the modern business world. Good news, patience is a skill that you can strengthen with each challenge you face inside or outside of the office.


The New York Times shares an article called How to Be a More Patient Person that explains why daily energy- and time-sucks, like traffic or having to deal with a difficult person at work, will trigger your natural fight-or-flight response. Our fuse gets shorter when we give a temporary obstacle more value than it’s worth.


Cut the jaw-clenching down by doing 2 things: Take a look at how life-threatening the situation is and Take a look at the bigger picture. When the computer crashes and you are ready to hurl a healthy string of colorful words (silently) at the screen, take a breath and tell yourself that the situation is a minor inconvenience. Become self-reassuring by reminding yourself that you will eventually get the program downloaded.


Now, consider why you sought out that software program in the first place. Maybe you wanted to improve a skill or help your business excel in some way. There is a greater reason that put you at the office, in front of a computer, taking steps to download this type of program. Now… What was it?

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