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More About Me


How did my journey into content marketing begin?


I was born in Egypt and immigrated to the US ready -or not so ready- to start kindergarten. Flash forward a lot of years and you’ll find me with a B.A. degree in psychology from California State Polytechnic University (Cal-Poly), a day care management career diploma, post graduate coursework in special education, and extensive knowledge and volunteer work in career and life planning as well as human and professional development. On my way to being an educator, I enrolled myself in an education specialist program at California State University, Fullerton. I spent time as a California teaching candidate discovering myself and many other people who taught me a lot!. On the bright side, I honed my professional research and writing skills and did more research than I thought teachers had to (side note, I love and appreciate education professionals forever).




I wasn’t happy.  I have always loved writing and expressing myself as well as helping other people express themselves through writing. No-brainer: Go back to writing professionally. So I continued writing with a why-not mentality and felt right at home in my new career. I started writing more content for businesses, B2B and family blogs, and product manufacturing. I read all I can about SEO and took professional development courses and kept writing.


I know what makes a great content marketer and reliable professional. I communicate constantly with clients who prefer to touch bases throughout projects. I combine psychology to appeal to your customers or target audience, child development and education to create the best educational blogs and children’s product descriptions and market your training courses and workshops, years of professional development, and career planning assistance to help you reach your goals faster through powerful content and copywriting.


I have written about a wide range of topics, including, travel, education, real estate, product reviews, business marketing/ promotional posts, buying guides, blog posts, news and law articles, and more. I have two, nonfiction books in the works with plans of many more to follow. I love helping business owners and customers find each other.

I’m lucky enough to do what I love everyday. I signed on as a content marketer, researcher, writer, copywriter, author, and blogger and my job is helping you get the most out of your time by taking care of writing your business website content and copy for you.


Today, my time is shared with family, friends and doing the job I love.