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Mug Warmers: Which One is Right For You?

Is your mind on a steaming cup of coffee? What if you can have that steaming, fragrant cup coffee throughout the day? What if it was always waiting for you in the office, dorm, or even in the car? You can have a piping hot mug of coffee or tea, within your reach at all times when you buy an electric or USB-powered mug warmer.

These USB mug warmers can be plugged into your computer as you toil away on your next book, research paper, act as a constant companion as you drive around to different work sites or run errands with or without the kids. The best thing about these is that you can find the one that perfectly fits your lifestyle for less than $25 –keep in mind we are talking about a one-time investment that will make drinking coffee better, enough said. I have compiled a list for you with the best electric and USB-powered mug warmers currently on the market.


Disney Classic Mug Warmer

Electric coffee or tea mug warmer comes with a Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse design mug and is made by Disney for steaming coffee all day long. Available on

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A shout out to Mr. Walt Disney with each perfect sip of coffee as well as to the Disney, the manufactures of this mug warmer, available in a Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse design, is sure to make you smile whenever you reach for it. The electric warmer comes with a regular cord and has a power switch. It takes up less than 7 inches of counter space and is surprisingly sturdy at almost 1 and a half pounds. It comes with the mug and warming plate and costs less than $17. The Mickey Mouse mug warmer is currently being offered as an $8.99 add-on item (an add-on item is anything Amazon sells for a much lower price when it is added on to a purchase total of $25 of items shipped by Amazon itself).  The extra-long cord make it great for those who are not too keen on keeping the coffee mug right next to the laptop. Make sure to turn the powerful warmer off when not in use.

Mug Warmer with Hub and Clock

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Power-saving USB-powered mug warmer with hub and LED clock display available online on


If you’re unlike me and your beverage drinking doesn’t pose a danger to your laptop’s health then check out this awesome, power-saving, USB-powered mug warmer that is designed with a hub and has an LED displayed clock. lists this as one of the 10 best mug warmers of 2016, it uses a single 2.0 USB port and gives you four 2.o USB ports in return, it’s attractive with no loss of practicality. This is a very inexpensive product, offered here for less than $20.  This must-have gadget for businessmen and businesswomen, college students, and all others who love spending time on the computer with a hot cup of joe. This warmer can be used with a variety of mugs and can even keep soup or stew warm. Imagine how many trips to the crowded office lounge and microwave you will save.


Auto Café Take-Out Hot Cup Warmer

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Car gadget for coffee and tea lovers that makes road trips and daily commutes more enjoyable –or, at least, tolerable.

For coffee lovers who spend close to a quarter of their lifetimes in a vehicle this next product is for you. The Auto Café Take-Out Hot Cup Warmer fits securely in your car’s cup holder and keeps all café plastic or paper coffee cups warm. Use this to keep café soup cups warm if they’ll fit in it. Plug the warmer into your car charger and you are set to enjoy the same cup of coffee you already paid for to the last drop. It’s available on for $23.70 (with free shipping if you your order is $49 or more. I would save this purchase for back-to-school shopping when you’re loading your Amazon cart anyway). The next product is a variation on this design. Read on to find out why I included it on this list.


Brentwood Electric Coffee or Tea Mug with Car Wire Plug

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Brentwood Electric Coffee or Tea Mug with Car Wire Plug is great for long or short car trips. Name brand, practical gadget for men and women and a must-have tool for students who are in a rush to lectures.


This stainless steel coffee mug is a beverage warmer that you can plug into your car charger and holds up to 16 ounces of liquid. The Brentwood Electric Coffee or Tea Mug with Car Wire Plug is a very inexpensive coffee mug/ warmer, $8.94 on, that allows you to save money by making your coffee or tea at home. It’s refillable and customer reviews say that it’s an economical choice and that it reheated cool coffee quickly.  The same brand-name mug is also available at Staples.

Mug warmers are one of the hottest products on the market today especially for busy moms, traveling contractors, college students, and just about everyone who enjoys a steaming cup of coffee or tea throughout the day. These can completely change your mornings and will help you get through your day and they are right within our budget. Amazon is waiting to take your order right now.


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