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Supply Chain Management Potential

The growing need for supply chain management graduates, estimated to grow by 22 percent over the next five years, is reflected in a number of unusual careers available in that industry. This degree falls under the job category of logistics and supply chain management in the manufacturing industry, one of the few prosperous job industries where the need for human labor is still strong. Graduates usually start out in an entry-level position, which require a bachelor’s degree, and move up the job ladder as their experience and on-the-job skills build. Salary expectation for this degree ranges from 50 k to 100 k and up. Some unusual careers that require this degree include the following jobs.

Unusual Careers for Supply Chain Management Graduates

  1. Supply, Distribution, and Planning Scheduler/ Analyst

Those who have leadership and logistics skills will appreciate this entry-level job position. Depending on the product the hiring company manufacturers, the employee will work with various professions from other departments within the company to coordinate the most efficient way to transport products to different locations while controlling costs. The employee is also responsible for refining or improving the products for delivery and marketing to customers. This is one of the most common yet overlooked position available for supply chain management students – some companies offer undergraduates intern work- and graduates. The median starting salary is $59,841.

  1. Supply Chain Associate

Another entry-level position that requires excellent problem solving skills. Supply chain associates are responsible for overseeing all stages of production with a focus on quality and cost control. This professional also coordinates with the supply, distribution, and planning scheduler/ analyst to ensure efficient delivery of the company’s products. Associates make about $12/hour with benefits. ……….




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